Monday, April 29, 2013

Nailpolish Review and swatches- Chanel Bel-Argus 667

I'm blue and  loving it...


Why, Chanel? Why?

Everytime I promise myself I'm not buying any more nail polishes, you come out with a shade that makes me weak in the knees.  I become a Chanel nail polish zombie and faithfully go online to immediately buy the offending nail polish.

Which brings me back to my original question.  Why, Chanel? Why?

Bel-Argus 667 is a fantastic new shade that's part of the L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection I wrote about in an earlier post.  It's a shimmering metallic blue shade that looks like the Caribbean on a warm, sunny day.  It also reminded me of the deep blue in peacock feathers, an overcoat I saw in a Paris flea market that I loved but didn't fit in and a Kashmir sapphire that I deeply lusted after!  Sigh, a girl can dream....

Here's the breakdown/the nitty-gritty/the whatnot that makes Bel-Argus a *must have*, in my humble opinion:


A deep metallic blue with a purple-teal duochrome.  Seriously, it's like a butterfly wing on your nail.  The color change is striking depending on the angle of the light- it shifts from deep blue to purple to teal.  It's a shapeshifter! Buy it now! :)

Also, most deep blues in my experience have a black base that makes them a bit unwearable.  However, this color is perfectly balanced and wearable.  2 coats were enough to achieve an even, opaque look.


Smooth to the touch.  The polish flowed evenly over my nails without bubbling, streaking or pooling.


I wore 2 coats without a top coat for a week with no visible chipping or tip wear. This is great because I am extremely clumsy and usually chip my nails within a day or two with other nail polishes.  Chanel's polishes are pricey but they also do offer longer wear times so it's a good value, I feel.  


This is pricey at $27 but if it's a color you'd enjoy wearing and want to treat yourself, I recommend buying it because of the durability of the wear and the gorgeousness of the color! :)

Here are a few pics taken in my patio in daylight so you can admire the sheer power of shimmer in this baby!

Product Images and Swatches:

Deep blue overtone

Purple undertone

Teal undertone

I almost dropped the nail polish here!

Does this nail polish rock your world like it did mine?

until next time,

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