Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Graphic Eyeliner Look- Japanesque

From the catwalk to fashion magazines, edgy eyeliner looks seem to have replaced their more demure cousin- the kitten flick.

Finally, change I can believe in!!

Yes, I know there are bigger things on the planet that need changing but I'm happy with this little victory.

I found a few looks that I LOVED and I'm going to try and replicate them for you in a series of posts.

This is the first of the graphic eyeliner series.  I called this look "Japanesque"  because it reminds of Japanese colorblocking. It's graphically daring but simple at the same time.  Pull off this look with red lips for a very edgy look or peach lips if you'd like the eyes to be the only focus.

Have fun, it's only makeup!


Products used:

Eye pencil: MAC Smolder eye pencil
Paint pot: MAC Blackground paint pot
Gel eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Glitter: Fyrinnae Glitter Boi
False eyelashes: Ardell Demi Wispies
Pointed Q-Tips
Dermalogica Eye Make up Remover

How to achieve this look:

  1. Brush translucent powder or any eyeshadow matching your skin tone all over your eyelid extending to the brows.
  2. Stretch the skin above your eyebrow so your eyelid is taut.
  3. Using Smolder or any black eye pencil, draw a curve from your inner eye, draw slightly above the curve of your crease and create a little flick just outside the crease.  
  4. Draw downwards from your crease till you reach the outer corner of your eye and draw a line to meet the outer corner. 
  5. Fill in with Blackground or any soft black eye pencil or liquid eye liner you have.
  6. Neaten the outline using a black gel liner.
  7.  Line the waterline with a silver or flesh colored eye pencil.  I didn't use black because there was enough black on my eyes.  Silver/Flesh color lightens the look and makes it more wearable, IMO.
  8. You can finish the look with a matte black eyeshadow for a chic, sophisticated finish.  I chose to be a magpie and went straight for Fyrinnae's Glitterboi.  It's a purple holographic glitter that will change your life, I promise.
  9.  Clean up any fallout or smudges with Q tips dipped in eye makeup remover.
  10. Wear fake eyelashes, curl and apply mascara.

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