Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Going, Going, Gone!

Must-buys from MAC, before they disappear


MAC and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship.  Like any self-respecting makeup addict, I adore most of their products but and there's a BIG but, I hate that they discontinue some really great products..

I was browsing MAC's website when I came across their "Goodbyes" section.  For those of you that may be unfamiliar with it, the "Goodbyes" section is where products go to die.  They're usually a combination of permanent, pro and limited edition makeup and accessories that are on their way to being discontinued.  And no, contrary to my fervent hopes, they're NEVER on sale!

I usually don't buy anything from this section because honestly, most of the products on there have good reasons for being discontinued.   The eyeshadows are either too chalky or too gritty, the lipsticks are mediocre and the blushes don't have good payoff...all good reasons to weed them out of production.

However, this time, I was stunned at the products they're discontinuing and wanted to share a few "must-haves" before they're gone.  I've already bought a few of these as backups, hoarder that I am ;)

These are the eyeshadows I recommend highly:

Jete ($15)

This shade was recently resurrected as part of the MAC By Request Collection, voted for by fans.  I'd describe Jete as a champagne base with a hint of coral/pink.  The finish is a veluxe pearl, one of my favorite finishes by MAC.  Veluxe pearls are usually buttery soft, shimmery without being gritty and are easily buildable.  Jete is very versatile neutral that can be applied as a light wash over the eyes for a workday look or packed on for a lovely evening look.  It's a shade that flatters all complexions.

MAC Jete Eyeshadow
MAC Jete eyeshadow

Samoa Silk ($15)

Samoa Silk has been a permanent fixture in MAC's repertoire of eyeshadows for years. It's a peachy orange with a veluxe finish that's matte.  It's a wonderful go-to neutral and despite being matte, isn't chalky or powdery.  I sometimes use this to set my undereye concealer- the peachiness of this shade helps to cancel out the blue in my undereye area quite nicely.

MAC Samoa Silk eyeshadow
MAC Samoa Silk eyeshadow

Kid ($15)

Kid is a warm peachy brown shade that's perfect for fair to medium-toned skin.  It's a veluxe finish, basically matte without any chalkiness.  I use this shade as a wash and also in the crease to blend deeper browns or tone down brighter shades.

MAC Kid eyeshadow
MAC Kid eyeshadow

Weathered ($21)

Part of MAC's Pro Longwear Eyeshadow collection, Weathered is an incredibly complex blue-gray shade with multi-colored shimmer.  You could wear it over a black base for a lovely duo-chrome effect or pair it with a lilac shade for a sultry smokey eye.  Either way, this shade will rock your world!

MAC Weathered eyeshadow
MAC Weathered eyeshadow

These are currently available online at MAC

I've already ordered backups of these, will you be buying any for your collection?

I'd love to hear from you :)

have a lovely week,