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Product Review and Swatches: Maybelline Color Whisper in Mocha Muse

Whisper soft shades for Summer!

On a recent trip to my local Walgreens, I came across Maybelline's newest lip products- Color Whispers by Color Sensational.  The packaging was cute as were the shades so I bought a few shades to try out.  I'll be reviewing them for you over the week and if you'd like to learn more, please tune in :) 

The first shade I tried out was Mocha Muse.  For swatches and more details, please read on.


The packaging on these is very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters except that the Color Whispers seem to be in a slimmer packaging.  The cap is a translucent color similar to the actual shade of the product and I like that you can actually see the product inside.  The cap fits securely so it won't get loose and accumulate gunk in your purse (huge plus!).  The lip product is in a twist up tube which makes it easy to apply.

Maybelline Color Whisper Mocha Muse
Maybelline Color Whisper Mocha Muse
Mocha Muse
Mocha Muse


Mocha Muse is a sheer, pinky brown shade.  At one pass, it's translucent but you can definitely build up the color to get a more opaque look.  The interesting thing about this shade is that it swatched differently on my arm versus my lips. 

Mocha Muse - picture taken in daylight
Mocha Muse - picture taken in daylight


Maybelline describes the Color Whispers as pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel delivering sexy, soft, see through color with a touch of shine, without the heavy waxes & oils found in traditional lipcolor.

I have to agree.  Mocha Muse applied like a dream and left my lips feeling moisturized and cushiony.  It's like a cross between a buttery lip balm and a lipstick.  I applied a few swipes of the product across my lips and it glided effortlessly- without any gunkiness or build-up. 


Maybelline doesn't tout these products as long wearing and with good reason.  I feel the combination of texture and pigment concentration lend to a wear time of about 2 hours.  That's how long Mocha Muse lasted on me, without eating or drinking.

If you do plan on purchasing this shade, you may need to constantly re-apply throughout the day.  Although it's not advertised as long-wearing, I'd have liked it to last for atleast 3 hours (that's how long the Revlon lip butters last on my lips, depending on the shade).


Due to its translucent nature, Mocha Muse will pull out the underlying tones of your skin.  For example, if you have yellow undertones, it may appear more "pink-coral" than pink-brown.   On my arm, it swatched as a warm tan with a slight hint of pink.  However, on my lips, it appeared very pink.  My lips naturally have a lot of pink to them and Mocha Muse emphasized that.  I applied 4 swipes of the shade to build up opacity in each swatch.

Color Whisper Mocha Muse swatch
Mocha Muse swatch on arm

Color Whisper Mocha Muse swatch on lips
Mocha Muse swatch on lips


The Color Whisper Range currently retails for $7.49 each although they may vary depending on the drugstore or online retailer you visit.  I got them for a buy one, get one half off deal at my local Walgreens so they were a bit more affordable.


4 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Mocha Muse despite the short wear time.  My lips felt hydrated and looked great.  I felt this shade in particular was a "my lips but better" shade and I'd recommend it if you're looking for a moisturizing, nude pink, lip balm for summer.

Where to buy

Check out your local drugstore or shop online at Maybelline.

Have you tried out the Color Whispers yet?  What's been your experience with them?

I'd love to hear from you, leave me comments or questions..

enjoy your weekend,

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