Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MAC Tropical Taboo Collection- Summer 2013

The Color of Heat, Beat and Exotic Glamour......

Summer 2013 seems to be all about the tropics- sultry greens and blues, coppery tones and shimmery finishes. First Dior and now, MAC, captures the essence of the tropics for us.  The promo pics made me think of samba and bossa nova and Joao Gilberto, it made me crave sunshine and beaches in Brazil..

So, without further ado, play some samba and read on..

Mineralize Skinfinishes

My heart beats just a little bit faster for MAC's mineralize skinfinishes. 

Shimmery, matte or satin, I love them all..dearly :) I use them as eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes and yes, they make me happy.  Very happy.

Tropical Taboo features 5 mineralize skinfinishes retailing for $30 each. 

Soft and Gentle and Gold deposit are permanent while the remaining three are limited edition.

  • Adored: Warm coral with light beige pearl
  • Rio: Deep bronze with pale pink pearl
  • Lust: Frosty pale pink with rose-brown pearl
  • Soft and Gentle: Gilded peachy bronze
  • Gold Deposit: Frosty golden-bronze

MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize skinfinishes, msf, Adored, Rio, Lust, Soft and Gentle, Gold Deposit

Top row (L-R): Adored, Rio, Lust
Bottom row (L-R): Soft and Gentle, Gold Deposit

Mineralize Eye Shadows

This collection features 6 mineralize eye shadows.  They are limited edition and retail for $23.50.  They're slightly larger than the regular MAC eyeshadows at 0.10 oz. They can be used dry for a sheer wash or wet for a more intense, metallic look. 

As gorgeous as they look, I don't think I'll be investing in them because MAC's mineralize eyeshadows tend to be spotty performers, in my experience.  If you're interested in learning more about these, Christine at Temptalia has a helpful review here.

  •  Bossa Blue: Royal blue with chocolate brown veining
  • Caribbean: Rose with coppery-red veining
  •  Cha-Cha-Cha: Deep blue-green with lime-green veining
  • Dare to Bare: Pale lilac and pink with yellow gold veining
  • Time and Tango: Lavender with silver veining
  • Tropica: Silvery blue with purple veining

Bossa Blue, Caribbean, Cha-Cha-Cha, Dare to Bare, Tropica, Time and Tango
Top Row (L-R): Bossa Blue, Caribbean, Cha-Cha-Cha. 
Bottom Row (L-R): Dare to Bare, Tropica, Time and Tango

Kohl Power Eye Pencils

There are 2 eye pencils in this launch and they retail for $16Orpheus is limited edition whereas Feline is part of MAC's permanent range.

I have Orpheus from a previous launch and as pretty as it is, the formula is not at all creamy.  It's hard and you have to go back and forth a few times to get a decent payoff.  I typically warm it on the back of my hand before wearing it on my waterline.  I'm hoping they've improved the formula with this launch.

  • Orpheus: Black with gold pearl
  • Feline:  Rich black
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencils, Orpheus, Feline
L-R: Orpheus, Feline

Mineralize Blushes

This collection features 3 mineralize blushes.  They are limited edition and retail for $25 each.  I am currently testing all three for you and will have reviews and swatches soon! :) How gorgeous is Simmer btw? That sweet melange of peach and rose, mmmm mmm good..

  • Exotic Ember: Burnt orange with chocolate bronze pearl
  • Simmer: Deep Rose with peachy gold pearl
  • Sweet Samba: Deep pink with tan pearl
Exotic Ember, Simmer, Sweet Samba
L-R: Exotic Ember, Simmer, Sweet Samba

Mineralize Rich Lipsticks

This collection highlights 6 mineralize rich lipsticks from MAC's permanent range with the exception of Midnight Mambo, which isn't permanent.  I hope they make it permanent because it's a *gorgeous* shade.

The lipsticks retail for $22 and are slightly larger than the regular MAC lipsticks at 0.14 oz.

  • Divine Choice: Cool bubblegum pink
  • Glamour Era: Brown with peach undertones
  • Lady at Play: Warm coral-red; this will pull more coral or red depending on your undertone.
  • Luxe Naturale: Pale peachy beige
  • Midnight Mambo: Intense violet (I bought this shade and am testing it this week.  Stay tuned for the lowdown on it)

Divine Choice, Glamour Era, Lady at Play, Luxe Naturale, Midnight Mambo
L-R: Divine Choice, Glamour Era, Lady at Play, Luxe Naturale, Midnight Mambo

Cremesheen Glass

Tropical Taboo features 4 cremesheens.  They're limited edition and retail for $20

I typically don't go for the cremesheens because I find them a bit gloopy.  Also, the wear time isn't phenomenal- they typically last between 1 to 2 hrs max on me.

If you're interested in more info. on these, here's a great review.

  • Calypso Beat: Pale neutral peach
  • Fever Isle: Bright red coral
  • Japanese Spring: Pale dirty pink
  • Narcissus: Dirty eggplant

Calypso Beat, Fever Isle, Japanese Spring, Narcissus
L-R: Calypso Beat, Fever Isle, Japanese Spring, Narcissus


Lip Pencils

This collection features 4 lip pencils.  They're limited edition shades and retail for $15.

  •  Ablaze: Bright apricot
  • Have to Have it: Soft warm beige
  • Heroine: Bright purple
  • Hip 'n' Happy: Dirty blue pink

Ablaze, Have to have it, Heroine, Hip 'n' Happy
L-R: Ablaze, Have to have it, Heroine, Hip 'n' Happy


This collection features 3 brushes from MAC's permanent line-up.

  •  187 Duo Fibre Brush; Retails for $42
  •  159 Duo Fibre Brush: Retails for $35
  • 287 Duo Fibre Eye Shadow: Retails for $32

MAC duo fibre brushes, 287, 159, 187
L-R: 187, 159, 287

Quite an extensive launch but MAC's summer launches always are!

The collection is available online on MAC and at counters in Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks etc.

Stay tuned for reviews....and happy 4th of July!! 

Have a lovely weekend,